Each of our creation is the result of a path
we live together with our customers.

All our clients are welcome to join us
in a showroom with exclusive proposals
and many models and materials they can draw inspiration from.

We always develop new projects
to accommodate our customers' ideas and needs.

Our laboratory creates ad hoc prototypes
aimed at boosting the success
of our customers' promotional campaigns.

We have been passionately working in this sector
for over 30 years.
Our customers can visit our production unit at any time.

We have been importing materials and products
from the Far East for over 10 years
offering an alternative solution with regards to cost issues.

We have been carefully following our customers' promotional campaigns,
providing them with a solid support with regards to post-selling services.

We can provide efficient logistic services,
taking good care of the distribution of our products.

30 years of experience in promoting
international brands

helped us further improve the way we manage different types of projects.

From the idea of an article to its production and distribution,
find out more about our services.

Our catalogue is updated on a daily basis
with the latest materials and the most innovative methods
in order to develop our customers' projects and ideas
in a creative and original fashion.

On top of that, we always come up with new models
by listening to our customers' requests
by providing innovative products
that accommodate their needs and tastes.

Once we have selected the models that best suit our clients' needs,
we provide a whole range of different materials and dimensions

in order to find the most suitable design.

We are very proud of our production methods and know-how,
and we love improving our work
through the latest technologies available in the market.
Our Italian products guarantee the best manufacturing quality
coupled with safe and timely deliveries.

We have been building a solid network of distributors
with whom we develop projects on an international scale.
Each year we visit the main Asian showrooms
with a view to finding new business partners
as well as strengthening our commercial network.

In our laboratories we provide manufacturing
and production facilities
as well as promotional products ready for distribution.

We manage the transport and the delivery of our products
through any type of distribution network.
We also offer a solid support to our clients' promotional activities,
ranging from the creation of a product
to managing its commercial distribution.

We can manage last minute requests
as well as unexpected situations
by always providing rapid and efficient solutions.